jessica dulong

 Chief Engineer, Jessica DuLong

Rising from volunteer to Chief Engineer, Jessica DuLong is deliberate, organized, and determined in maintaining and restoring the unique, complex, and challenging environment that comprises the engine room of John J. Harvey.

Remarkably, Jessica is also a talented  writer and it is that thoughtful intelligence that makes her invaluable below deck.  She has the rare ability to stand back, assess and react to the unforseen in a controlled and effective way.  Jessica knows this boat, its capabilities and its quirks.  One would be hard pressed to detect the bumps in the road that Chief Engineer DuLong seamlessly makes disappear while underway. 

tim ivoryChief Engineer (EMERITUS), Tim Ivory

Emergency service vessels are inherently complex, as redundancy is important to insure reliabilty.  Even among these high-bred vessels, the engine room on John H. Harvey is notable for its complexity.  As if that ere not enough, the bulk of its machinery dates to 1931, largely unaltered except fpr the diesel engines installed in 1957.

Most engineers faced with Harvey's enormours array of seven engines, six main generators, several generator-sets, four main fire pumps, countless other (and sometimes mysterious) pumps, auxiliary power, baffling switchboards, two mammoth propulsion motors, and a host of classic controls designed eight decades ago, are in awe and in doubt.  Then we found Tim Ivory.  Tim, born when Harvey was within a decade of retirement, is undaunted by Harvey's  complexity.  He rejoices in deciphering its mysteries, and exults in repairing rather than replacing.  Tim has been in charge of the restoration almost since it began.  Under his stewardship, this eight-year-old boat is still the fastest large fireboat in existence.  His ingenuity with this complex machine is wll known in New York Harbor, and the man is in demand.  Luckily, John J. Harvey is still his first love........the other vessels can wait.

al trajonowiczHistorian, Al Trojanowicz

As interesting a club member as any is Al Trojanowicz.  Professionally, Al is a retired Supervising Dispatcher for the FDNY.   His true calling is that he is the unquestioned authority on the history of the fireboats of the City of New York.  He characterizes the real meaning of 'amateur' - one who truly loves his subject and becomes more expert than any paid professional can be.  Having worked with him we know his standards.  His meticulous approach to his work is on par with the finest academia has to offer.  He has brought the boat alive for us, transforming her from a collection of motors, engines, and pumps, into a living piece of New York's history.

The history offered on this site, the historical photos, and the successful nomination of John J. Harvey to the Register of Historic Places all flow from Al's hand.  Without his generous contribution of time and knowledge the experience of the boat's crew, volunteers, and visitors would be diminshed. 

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